What our LCNS families say about us ...
I will always be grateful for the outstanding teachers who really took time to work with and appreciate my child and all his potential gifts. I am so glad he had the opportunity to learn from such wonderful preschool teachers at his very young age. The Children's Holiday Festival was fun because it was great to work with other parents as a group to promote such a family fun centered event in the community.
-- Kathleen Toedt, Columbia

Our son spent two years at the Coop.  Not only do we feel that this time has prepared him for the challenges of Kindergarten, but it has also allowed him to flourish emotionally and socially. The Coop fosters a loving, supportive environment which promotes healthy and enriching interactions between children and their peers. The day is structured yet encourages many opportunities for free play. This gives the children many chances to work on healthy conflict resolution, manners and sharing. The teachers are warm and caring and have the time to play with and read to the children. These past two years have been a gift to not only our son but our family. We have made many new friends who we know will be a part of our lives for years to come.
-- Jennifer Lemay, Lebanon

I will always be grateful for taking a "big yellow bus" on field trips. This made the first day of Kindergarten much less intimidating for our son!
-- Shelly Vendrillo, Hebron
I can't say enough about Lebanon Cooperative Nursery School. Three years and two preschool graduates later, I love the school as much today as when I walked into my first open house with my daughter. Warm, fun-loving, nurturing, effective ... that is only the tip of the iceberg. My children were so ready for Kindergarten thanks to the amazing teachers at LCNS. And, on top of all of that, my entire family has gained wonderful lasting, friendships with the fantastic families we met through the school.
-- Kate Fortier, Lebanon

Being Parent of the Day was fun because I got to see my boys in school and see them with their friends ... and to be the best swing pusher! I also enjoyed getting to know their teachers and being a part of their first school experience.
-- Robert Perry, Lebanon
We would recommend LCNS to anyone that asks us. We made a lot of friendships there that we continue to have. Our daughter started out very shy and wouldn't talk to anyone in class. By the end of her first year, she was very confident and a chatterbox!
-- Mike & Heather Morin, Lebanon

My child liked LCNS because of the kind, caring staff and Mom or Dad could volunteer in the classroom often. The parents really get to know each other at this school because they do so many things together. It makes for great friendships for the parents as well as the kids!
-- Dawn Comeroski, Lebanon

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